We offer accounting services from bookkeeping to full accountancy for companies of all sizes. We provide a complete outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services with full office support. It’s like having your account office next door. We deal with all the day to day bookkeeping and accounting, reporting to all government institution and just about anything else you need to delegate. And we make sure everything is done on time.

For saving your time, we offer you to send your documents by email, without you leaving your working place. Please ask your questions to our employees and they will help you as soon as possible. Whether you are a small business owner looking to work smarter, a company that wants to focus on what you do the best, or a growing business that wants to improve efficiency and reduce costs – we will support your pursue to develop and save your time and money.


Optimising the document management will decrease the accounting costs. Sometimes one document should be referred to several times. Therefore, it is necessary to organise the work in such a way that the document is handled only once.


We prepare reports to State Tax Inspectorate, Sodra, the Centre of Registers, Statistics Lithuania, and other state institutions. Many years of experience allow us to advise you how to optimise your taxes.


  • Company business analysis.
  • Analysis of debtor and creditor debts.
  • Cash flow planning.
  • Assistance in planning the budget, further monitoring of the budget.


Starting a business often raises many questions: what form of the company should be chosen, where and how should it be registered, how should the documents be handled so as to leave as much time as possible for business development. Doing business there are a lot of questions also as tax optimization, organizing accounting department work , reduction of documentation flow. We are here to help.


Many years of accounting experience in the position of Chief accountant in different companies: small and medium sizes, both Lithuanian and international. The companies to which we provide accounting services were verified by audit and checked by the State Tax Inspectorate with a positive outcome. We have participated in launching business IT systems many times and are available for consultation on these matters. We are very gratefull for client recommendations – it helps to develop business and it’s evidence of companies work quality.


How is the price calculated?

The price basically depends on your company’s documentation’s turnover. For calculating the price you have to answer these questions:

How big is your company’s turnover? What is your business activity? How many people are currently employed and what is their rotation? Are you a VAT payer? When you have the answers, we will be able to calculate the price for you.

Why is it worth to hire an accounting company, or an accountant?

Business owners should set their business priorities related to the cost of services, quality, effective and rapid solutions, performing tasks promptly and correctly or other factors.

Advantages of accounting service companies are as follows:
Lower costs – typically price of services provided by an accounting service company is significantly lower than the cost of having own accountant. This is due to the fact that the salary involves high taxes. If you are paying netto 600 Eur, for company it costs about 1200 Eur, whereas price of services provided by accounting service companies would exclude tax costs.

Fixed price of accounting services – accounting service companies usually fix the price for a longer period of time and it does not change as often as the salaries of employees and doesn’t depend on economic ups and downs . Our company bookkeeping and accounting service price is due for a six months. It allows you to plan costs and to bargain price periodically.

Company doesn’t require the working place – when the customer has accounting services from accounting service companies, there are no additional expenses such as the office rent, equipment , stationery, electricity and other bills.

The company won’t get ill – an employee could become ill and needs some holiday. Whereas in accounting and bookkeeping service company there is a team of accountants, and if one of the company‘s accountants will not be able to work, his colleague will provide the service for the customer.

Major responsibility – accounting service company‘s responsibility is regulated both by the law as well as by the accounting service agreement. An additional advantage for the customer is that the accounting service company must complete its job and accurately close the contract period. The customer is able to request any answers for the contract period, to correct mistakes, to require the compensation for losses due to false work result.

Accounting service company‘s accountants constantly improve their qualification by doing professional courses, participating in seminars as well as by using specialized educational resources. They have possibilities to have daily consultations from colleagues with great experience in accountancy. Moreover, our accountants‘ knowledge is usually deeper and the competence is much higher than that of the one narrow specialization chartered accountant.

In which case the company or person becomes a VAT payer?

An enterprise or person is obliged to register as a VAT payer in the Republic of Lithuania if the revenue from selling goods and providing services exceeds 45 000 Eur during the last 12 months; and in Lithuania purchases goods from other EU Member States (except for new vehicles or excise goods) the value of which exceeds EUR 14 000 in a calendar year.

What is a purpose of making company's budget?

Budget  is a company’s business planning, only in numbers. Correct budgeting helps to manage the company more efficiently. Company’s management has to analyze the company’s business and gets tasks for employees for the period, when planning of incomes and expenses has been done. Budgeting  of the new area allows to imagine what the future income and expenses will be. Budget controlhelps you to  analyze your company‘s income and expenses  as well as to take control over all your company.


Buhalterinė apskaita, bookkeeping
Buhalterinė apskaita, bookkeeping
Buhalterinė apskaita, bookkeeping
Buhalterinė apskaita, bookkeeping
Buhalterinė apskaita, bookkeeping
Buhalterinė apskaita, bookkeeping


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